ICOMOS Workshop and Conferences  “Coastal Communities, Heritage and Climate Change”

22.-28.08.2022 Estonia – Narva-Tallinn-Lahemaa-Saaremaa

ICOMOS Nordic-Baltic Network in cooperation with ICOMOS Rights-Based Approaches Working Group, International Scientific Committee on Water and Heritage, Estonian Academy of Arts, Environmental Board of Estonia and other partners calls members of ICOMOS and heritage communities to take part in the ICOMOS workshop on coastal heritage, communities and climate in August in Estonia. The working language is English, translations can be provided in the case of necessity (Estonian, Ukrainian,..).

The workshop consists of open conferences, site visits and separate thematic closed workshops in Tallinn and Lahemaa NP. There are 2 site visits- to the War and Iron Curtain landscapes up to Sillamäe and the Viking age and medieval coasts of Saaremaa island. The site visits are optional. The heritage workshop is preceded by special workshops on the threats to  Ukrainian heritage and future collaboration of Nordic-Baltic ICOMOS NC-s.

Within the workshops, there will be 2 open conferences for the general public – „Coastal World Heritage and Heritage Communities“ on 24.08 in Tallinn and “Facing the Sea – Connections of Heritage and Traditions” in Viinistu.

ICOMOS members and heritage partners can register for the workshop till 30.06.2022 here https://forms.gle/UswjPtdKhj9pQZcQ6 . We encourage you to present your case study or paper. Acceptance of presentations will be given latest 15.07, when the full programme is published on the web page https://estonia.icomos.org/  

The third Nordic-Baltic workshop on community rights and heritage is dedicated to the interrelations between communities, heritage and climate change on the example of coastal communities. Themes – traditional communities, indigenous peoples, UNESCO sites, conflicting histories, climate resilience, coastal landscape changes and challenges, heritage impact assessments, heritage in conflicts. The workshop aims to contribute to the cooperation of regional experts in working with contemporary challenges of heritage protection – community inclusion and the implementation of sustainable development goals. The workshop targets expert and heritage community levels.

With the topic of coastal heritage and climate change, we hope to get a deeper understanding of the variety of issues heritage is tackling in face of rapid climate change via very concrete coastal communities’ perspectives, their knowledge, practices and livelihoods. This workshop concentrates on holistic approaches to coastal heritage – tangible and intangible, movable and immovable heritage, landscapes and spaces, land and water.  

Workshop schedule:

Monday, 22.08 – Pre-tour Tallinn- Sinimäed-Sillamäe city-Narva -Tallinn

Tuesday, 23.08

Pretour in Tallinn – Memorial of the Victims of Communism and Maarjamäe memorial, visit and lunch at Ukrainian Cultural Centre

Special hybrid workshops – 

Special workshop on Threats to Ukrainian coastal heritage and communities, Tallinn and web 13.00-15.00

Special workshop on Nordic-Baltic Cooperation Heritage Dialogues, Tallinn and web 16.00-18.00

Evening tour in Tallinn Old Town

24.08.2022. Tallinn, Estonian Academy of Arts.

Open Conference „Coastal World Heritage and Heritage Communities“ 10-16

Presentations and discussions on coastal heritage and communities on UNESCO sites. The conference consists of thematic presentations prepared by ICOMOS members, partner organisations and invited lecturers. 

16.00 – 18.00 Seaplane harbour visit

18.00 ICOMOS Estonia welcome reception

25.08. 10-18 Workshop and site visits on the North coast of Estonia  – Jõelähtme and Kuusalu counties, Lahemaa. Communities as part of heritage management – practice and challenges. 

Accommodation in Viinistu hotel

26.08. International Conference in Viinistu “Chapel”  “Facing the Sea – Connections of Heritage and Traditions” Presentations and discussion on coastal heritage – histories, livelihoods and climate change. We welcome concrete site management descriptions and case studies. 

16- 21 Evening picnic on the Mohni island

27.-28.08.2022. Post-tour to Saaremaa: Muhu, Kuressaare town and Salme Viking finds exhibition, Saaremaa churches, coastal villages, communities

Please, register till 30.06 here https://forms.gle/UswjPtdKhj9pQZcQ6 

Acceptance on papers will be given latest 15.07, with the full programme published on the web page https://estonia.icomos.org/  

The accommodation partner for the workshop is Kalev Spa in Tallinn and Viinistu Art Hotel- a special price for the participants,  free for the presenters.

ICOMOS Estonia welcomes contribution to the post-tour to Saaremaa heritage sites in the sum of 150 euros (including transport, accommodation and meals in Saaremaa)

We welcome you to Estonia!

On behalf of the organisers and partners of the workshop,

Ave Paulus, 

president of ICOMOS Estonia



Partners of the Workshop, organising committee:

Ave Paulus ICOMOS Estonia, President, CCH, OCD-RBA, Water Heritage, Environmental Board of Estonia

Riin Alatalu ICOMOS Estonia, ICOMOS International Vice President, Estonian Academy of Arts

Nils Ahlberg, ICOMOS Sweden, Water and Heritage Vice President

Magnus Borgos ICOMOS Norway, President

Ulrika Mebus, ICOMOS Sweden, President

Kirsti Kovanen, ICOMOS Finland, President

Katrina Kukaine ICOMOS Latvia, President

Stsiapan Stureika, ICOMOS Belarus, President in exile

Laura Robinson, ICOMOS OCD-RBA Focal Point

Arnstein Brekke, ICOMOS Norway, OCD-RBA

Stener Ekern, ICOMOS OCD-RBA

Jana Jakobsone, ICOMOS Latvia

Käsmu lighthouse. Photo: Toomas Tuul