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ICOMOS Europe group/ISC20C public seminar “Challenges and dissonance of 20th century heritage”

June 20th 2023 at 13.00 – 17.00
Tartu University Library

Supported by ICOMOS Estonia National Committee, Estonian Academy of Arts, Kivitalu
Country Hotel, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, University of Tartu: Libary,
National Foundation of Civil Society, Tallinn City Government, Tartu City Government, GO
Bus, Go Hotel Shnelli.

Dissonant heritage:

  • Riin Alatalu, 20th century heritage in Estonia – update on current challenges
  • Tanja D. Conley, Serbia, The Bombed Value. An ongoing revalorization of Nikola
    Dobrović’s masterpiece
  • Arnisa Kryeziu, Kosovo, Learning to live with the architecture of the unwanted pasts: 20th
    century architecture of Kosovo
  • Jörg Haspel, Germany Art in Architecture – Art in Urban Space. A Berlin Interim Balance on
    Interventions in Works of Art on Buildings and in Urban Space from the Socialist Period
  • Dumitru Rusu, Romania/Moldova Socialist Modernism in the Baltic Countries. Digital architectural guide and publication

Coffee break
Urban layers

  • Jack Pyburn, ISC20C. Current challenges of ISC 20C (online)
  • Maria Teresa Iaquinta, Stefania Landi, Cettina Lenza, Italy Erasing or Preserving the
    Heritage of the 20th Century: Reflections on the Concepts of Ecological Footprint and
    Resource Application to Challenging 20th-Century Heritage Sites in Italy (online)
  • Andri Ksenofontov, Estonia Kopli among the earliest modern urban settlements
  • Ayşe Esin Kuleli, Turkey An Example of 20th-Century Buildings in the Multilayered Cultural
    Texture of Antalya Kaleiçi; Çamlılar House.
  • Sonja Ifko, Slovenia Researching, protecting and reusing recent industrial heritage: Case
    studies from Slovenia
  • Soraya Genin, Portugal Siza Atlas. Filling the gaps for World Heritage: The International
    works of Álvaro Siza in Europe
    War graves and symbols of occupation
  • Tino Mager, Germany Return of the Haunt. Historic memorials as carriers of anti-democratic
  • Laure Marique, Belgium How to remember the legacy of Dictatorships and totalitarian regimes
  • Arnstein Brekke, Norway, «Operation Asphalt» and War Memorials in Cold War Norway